Retrofit Your Home Today!

Earthquake damage can be quite destructive to your home. Although homeowner insurance will generally cover the damage, depending on your policy, there will often be many headaches and possible deductibles associated with the repairs. Many older homes were not built to withstand earthquake damage and even if they were new building codes have improved the ability for buildings to withstand earthquake damage. Why then should you retrofit your home for an earthquake? This article will provide you with several reasons why you should consider doing so.

The first and major reason to retrofit your home is to reduce the damage that will be done to it in an earthquake. After every earthquake engineers learn more about how to build a building to withstand earthquake damage. These improvements can be installed in your home to withstand damage. By doing so you will have less repairs and less of a headache when you contact insurance. As such, you may be entitled to an insurance break. Try contacting your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if they offer a break on your homeowner’s insurance for earthquake retrofitted homes.

The major reason to retrofit your home is to provide protection for yourself and your family as a retrofitted home will have a smaller chance of collapsing and doing damage to your family. As such, it can be a wise idea to retrofit your home for earthquake damage.

Eartquake Preparedness: Is Your House Secured?

Home preparedness and retrofitting is important this day and age. As more and more people realize that they do not want to lose there homes. It is important that especially during earthquake situations you can retrofit your home. Yes tackling this can be a long process and may cost some. In the long run it will keep your home and family safe during a disaster. Earthquake retrofitting is a different process then anything. Four steps you would want to take. First is always securing your special “cripple all per say” to the foundation. Cripple walls during earthquakes allow give and take. It is not solid so there is room for movement which is important during the even as it will take the energy throughout the wall rather then the entire home and risking complete collapse. Then of course you want to secure all your floors and the roof. Mudsill will provide cushion of sorts and absorb all the energy. Always great to pad in the mudsill between all wood and doors and windows throughout. You want to do this to your garage as well. Reinforce the bolts as well throughout. Very important during earthquakes to retrofit your home during any disaster. Earthquakes can be tricky as it is a process.

Earthquake Preparedness: Retrofit Your Home

An earthquake can threaten everything you have worked for. The force of an earthquake can put strain on your home never thought possible. While it is a good to have the insurance to cover any damages sustained, it is also a great idea to be prepared. Taking some safety precautions for your home can prevent serious damages.

Earthquake retrofitting consists of bolting your home to the foundation. This will decrease chance of you or your family getting hurt because your home is significantly stronger. This will bring peace of mind to yourself and family once your home is connected to the foundation.

Repairing your homes foundation can make your home strong and up for any natural disaster. There are several common factors that damage your foundation. Water damage, concrete set without reinforcement bar, and earthquakes all play a factor in the damage. Ensuring your foundation is set with a reinforcement bar will dramatically reduce the strain of your foundation during an earthquake.

Take the preventative measures and protect your livelihood. Repairing your foundation and retrofitting your home to the foundation are two key factors in earthquake preparedness. This will protect you and your family, letting you sleep better at night.

Bolt Your Home Down To Its Foundation!

Retrofitting or house bolting is tying or “bolting” your home down to its foundation. This will protect you and your loved ones living in the home from any natural disaster or tragedy. Retrofitting your home is beneficial for many reasons.

First and foremost, this with make sure your home is solid. It will not slide off or tilt from the foundation if bolted down. Over the years, strong, steady wind storms can cause your home to move to one side or the other. This is a scary thought to know your home this agile with the wind. When an earthquake happens, your home will be tested to its full extent. With it have been retrofitted, this will decrease the risk of injury to you and build up your homes strength significantly. The last thing you want to worry about is if your home is sturdy.

Financially, house bolting has benefits. Aside from being cost effective when done by professionals, it will decrease the premiums in your home owners insurance. If you decide in the future you want to move, this will increase your homes value.

Knowing you could save on insurance, prolong the life of your home, and ensure safety of your family how could you decide against it?

Got Uneven Foundation?

Foundation repair is something that should not be taken lightly. It has to be taken serious because there are a lot of important factors when it comes to the structure of a building. Repairing the structure is an activity that should be done regularly. Most of the time people think they only need to get work done when damage is beginning to show. But a lot of the times there can be damage that has already happened; we just cannot see it yet. There are many advantages to repairing a structure on a regular basis. There are many advantages to it.

One advantage is that buildings that get repairs tend to last longer than others who don’t repair its foundation. These types of buildings tend to stay more elegant looking and tend to last a very long time and can live through the wear and tear. A structure always had to be attended to because it is the small problems and cracks that become big problems down the line.

In the end buildings that are maintained regularly, are the type of buildings that people are more likely going to want to stay in. This can be very important depending on what you are using your structure for.

Why You Should Repair Your Foundation

There are many benefits for a homeowner to get the foundation of their home repaired. A foundation that is strong and sturdy can increase the value of a home anywhere between 15% and 25%. If the foundation of the home is strong there is less of a possibility the home will be in danger of growing mold. It will also stay warmer meaning less heat will be used in the winter months. Fixing the foundation of the home is a worth wild investment.

While foundation is built to last over the years things happen that can decrease their dependability. Foundation can get cracks and may leak. The crack may allow mold and parasites into the home. When this happens the floors inside the home will also begin to crack. Some of the pipe may also be ask risk for leaks.

When choosing a contractor to complete the foundation repair there are some things a person should look for. They need to make sure the contractor has experience in the field and are fully insured. The foundation is the base of the home so it is a wise decision to take any of any imperfections before they become a major problem.

Certified Foundation Repair Specialists

A foundation that is in poor condition may do a lot of harm to a home. It will not only bring down the value of the home. There are many reasons why a homeowner would want to repair their foundation sooner than later. A foundation may be damaged due to things beyond the control of the homeowner.

The foundation may crack due to the earth moving, aging reasons, and poor drainage conditions. Even a small crack in the foundation can cause big problems if it is not take care of right away.

Problems with the foundation are easy to fix. A certified foundation inspector will come out to the home to assess what is wrong and give a detailed report to the homeowner. After analyzing the information gathered they will recommend the proper solution to repair the foundation. A technician will then come to the home and repair the problem. They use state of the art equipment and will dig, fill, and reinforce the foundation. While this is being repair they will also fix the drainage system in the home if needed. When the technician is done they will clean up any mess they made during the repair.

The foundation is the base of the home so it is very important that it is in top condition!

Don’t Just Patch It!

If you are dealing with foundation and structure issues don’t just patch it or eventually you will end up doing even more patchwork over time as environmental conditions such as weathering end up taking their hold upon the precipice.

Calculating how long the home will remain standing from the looks of your property and its structure is crucial. If a foundation is damaged it certainly can lead to a collapsing of the structure. This will force a reassessment of your financial priorities which could have been taken care of in the first place.

There are numerous benefits to foundation repair upon your residence or business. A solid foundation has the likelihood to increase your property value by up to a quarter. A solid foundation also insulates better which makes it easier to save energy and stay warm during the seasons. Not only does your investment have the potential to save you money, but it can also save you time and stress in the long run by providing your home with the security and comfort that you deserve.

Earthquake Preparedness – Duck, Cover, and Hold!

What do we know about living in a West Coast area besides the beautiful beaches, and the heat of summer? Yes, it’s the earthquakes! How prepare are you?

It is best to become familiar with your disaster preparedness plans at home, at work, and/or even your community. Very important to teach everyone on how to safely duck, cover, and hold.

Duck: Duck or drop to the floor
Cover: take cover either under a sturdy desk or a table
Hold: Hold on to it when earthquake strikes and wait until it stops

Remember to practice this drill at least once a year!


How Strong Is Your Foundation?

Every home whether it is a new home or an older home the foundation needs to be a strong structure to be able to hold the house up for many years. The foundation needs to be able to keep your home from falling in on the family. If the foundation is not strong, the house on top of the foundation will not be strong. It is a good idea to walk around your home to observe the foundation and look for any cracks in the foundation, or on your walls or floors. Cracks in the foundation is a big warning sign that things are not right with your foundation and the problem needs to be looked into immediately.

If your home has a basement it is important to go around the whole basement and check for water damage. Water coming into the basement area can cause damage to the foundation. Once the water problem is taken care of, the foundation will be strong and firm once again.

It is best to locate a business that is experienced in fixing home foundations permanently, so they do not have to be called out several times for one problem. The sooner the foundation problem is fixed the less it will cost.